6 Types of Sex Workers and Where They Work

The sex industry has grown largely in the past few years. Some of the players in this industry are legal while the others carry out illegal activities. It all depends with the part of the world that you are operating from. If you are visiting a new town like Paris, you should go through the prevailing laws before hiring any sex worker. Here are the common types of sex workers in the world and where you can find them.

  1. Independent Call Girl or Escort

Independent call girls or escorts work for themselves on private buildings such as their homes or in hotels. These girls stay away from the public eyes and charge relatively high prices. Most of them advertise their services online. Since they are self-employed, these girls maintain a detailed profile for customers to go through.

  1. Escort Agency Employee

Like the independent call girls, escort agency employees work from private homes or hotel and charge relatively high prices. Part of the money that you pay goes to the agency as a commission. It is the safest way to hire an escort in Paris and the best example is Lovesita 16e.

  1. Brothel Employee

A brothel is a dedicated location where you will pay for sex and it can include massage parlors and saunas. These facilities charge moderate prices as part of the earnings goes to the owners of the brothels.

  1. Window Worker

This form of sex working is highly prevalent in Amsterdam. The method prominently displays women in the windows so as to entice those passing to get into the prostitution house. The exercise pays women a low to moderate wage.

Most of these are single rooms that separate one sex worker to another. Some of these rooms are connected to a single kitchen and bathroom that these workers share. However, each woman spends most of the time by herself in front of the window. This situation sharply contrasts with brothels where the workers enjoy a regular social contact and a party atmosphere with the other customers, staff, and service providers.

  1. Casino or Bar Workers

These sex workers make their initial contact with men in a casino or bar but have sex in a different location. In some places like the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, and Thailand, you will pay the bar fees and leave the pub with a worker to spend several days with her. The man will have to pay the expenses of the woman during that period and the arrangement that confers the status of a prostitute. These women earn between low to moderate salaries.

  1. Streetwalker

A streetwalker earns relatively little money and is highly vulnerable to exploitation. These sex workers report minimal job satisfaction and are paid less than the indoor prostitutes like call girls, brothel workers and bar workers.

Street walking is also highly notorious. There are several cases of attacks and even murder when dealing with streetwalkers. It is better to go for the other forms of sex workers than choosing this option. Otherwise, escort agency employee is the safest mode of sex workers for both the worker and customer.