What Essentials To Carry For Weekend Vacation In Memphis?

Music, barbeque, history and sports await visitors in Memphis. It is a city located by Mississippi River in Tennessee. It is a birthplace of several popular sounds and has a rich history associated with the slave market and cotton trade. It is also a place that appeals to the basketball and football fans. History lovers will need plenty of time to explore the plethora of museums and arts dating from Renaissance era.

With so many things to explore, you must be very excited but make sure to pack the right essentials for your trip to Memphis. However before you pack consider how long are you planning to stay, what is the climate condition, what is your main aim to visit Memphis? It will give you an idea to pack necessary things.

If your trip to Memphis is for the weekend then make sure to carry –

Collapsible travel tote

Catching live music may be your main purpose to visit Memphis. Look through the We Are Memphis news webpage to find out the date of an upcoming music festival or live concert. Remember, it is also difficult to dance with giant bag.

Carrying a big bag around is inconvenient, so choose a convertible bag that is flexible to fulfill different needs. Lightweight tote that can transform into backpack for carrying water bottle and change of clothes for one day is excellent.

It can also be converted into tote, when you walk between restaurants and shops. Moreover, when it is empty, you can pack it down inside its own pocket.

Pack according to season and purpose

Summer and spring

From June to August, the high temperature ranges from 85°F to 93°F. Humidity is also higher in these months. Therefore for summer bring beach wear, shorts, and cotton clothes.

  • A hat and sunglasses is essential, so as to protect your face and eyes. It will also be necessary to use good sunscreen correctly.
  • Carry a small umbrella, as weather can quickly change. It will also be needed on sunny days. Make sure the umbrella is small, lightweight and sturdy to handle the sudden thunderstorm.
  • Good walking shoes will be needed as you will need to be on foot for hours exploring the surrounding historic landmarks.
  • Collapsible water bottle is ideal for hot summer in Memphis. It does not matter, if you check the museums or shop on South Main a water bottle is a must to keep you hydrated. As you drink the water, bottle collapses in half its actual size. You can store it easily in your backpack or travel tote.


September and October months see less rain than they can experience in spring season and better temperature than that they can witness in summer. Outdoor can be enjoyed a lot, so pack wash N wear clothes. In this way, you can cut your packing list to half!


Winter is mild. City experiences some snow from November to March. January is coolest with low temperature 32.6°F. Cozy jacket and warm clothes are recommended if you plan to visit the annual off-season St. Jude’s Marathon and Martin Luther King Jr. memorial events.

Tip – Choose double-duty clothing items like wear solid colored T-shirt on casual days and layer it under a sport coat or blazer for evening event. On trend dark colored jeans will work fine with casual business meeting as well as when you explore Graceland, Beale Street or go dancing at live concert.


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