Signs You Love Pizza More Than Anything

Pizza has been the favorite food of many people since it was first made. The amazing combination of gooey, hot mozzarella and the unbeatable sweetness of Marianna never failed to mesmerize people. Ohh, let’s not ignore the delightful doughy crust, sprinkled with fresh and tasty herbs. Pizza is generally topped with mushrooms, vegetables, meats, and lots of cheese. Pizza generally belongs from Italy, and Italian pizza is amongst the most popular ones around the world.

For some, pizza is not just their favorite food, it is much more than that. If you could eat it for lunch, dinner and even breakfast then, you are definitely deeply and madly in love with this delicious food. Here we have enlisted five signs that show that you love pizza more than anything.


If someone gives you an option to choose between pizza and your beloved, and you don’t waste any time in choosing pizza that clearly means that you are a true pizza lover. Believe it or not, it is not only you, but there are more than millions of people who are in unconditional love with pizza.


Wherever you go out with your friends and family to Italian restaurants and if they order something else than your favorite pizza. In that situation when you have that something else ordered, you feel like you are cheating on your love pizza and then finally you order the pizza for yourself. This is a big sign that shows you love pizza unconditionally.


While most people eat ice-cream, cake or candies when they are upset about something. But your case is totally different. Pizza gives you pleasure than anything else can give you. So when you feel sad or down, you just want to eat pizza!  After an argument with someone, you will be gladly receiving a pizza box instead of flowers and box of chocolate. It is impossible for you to explain the relationship you share with pizza. It is one of the few things which makes you happy.


Real pizza lovers are those who have a hard time sharing their pizza with anyone. One you have savoured your share, you won’t mind gazing at your friend’s pizza in the hope that they give up on it so there’s more for you. But it’s the opposite when it comes to someone asking for your pizza as you can feel offended if someone even touches your pizza; that is a sign of your true love for it.

While love for this yummy food cannot be explained in more words. The above-mentioned signs show that your love for pizza is way more than a normal person’s.