Getting Married? Two questions That You Need To Ask

Are you getting married soon? If so, then you might have been dating or having an arrangement within the family’s way too long? There are a lot of questions that you guys might have been asking each other to know yourselves better and if you are an Indian, then you might even be having some astrological calculations made. But there are certainly other aspects to be taken care of all well when a marriage is being taken place. Because a marriage is a collaboration within two lives and it definitely needs a lot of security apart from the moral support and physical presence of your partner. In fact, it needs a protection plan for you and your family while something happens to your family or your spouse- because it is always better to be prepared than be sorry.

You guys might have talked about the kind of bank accounts that you might like to handle and what gets paid by whom, but if you haven’t talked about insurance then you have made a big blunder. So here are two of the most important questions that you need to ask right away.

Do you have a Life Insurance?

Since Life Insurance is not mandatory like the general insurance, there are people who might have a life insurance coverage via their work company and the coverage might be once or twice their salary amount, but that is not enough. The money might sound a lot but consider that amount in the absence of the individual when a Sureshot source of incomeis reduced. Will it last a long time? Just think about it. If you are buying a home together, and unfortunately something happens to your spouse, will you be able to keep it or will you be forced to sell it and settle for something less? This is the reason why both of you should have individual policy from the best insurance companies in India instead of covers given by the company so that your future is secured and for a small amount of premium every year, your financial security is updated.

Do you have a disability Insurance?

We know we are stating the most unfortunate facts, but what id there is a case of temporary or permanent disability happens to any one of you both. This is the kind of insurance that gives you a portion of your salary if you are ailing or you are disabled – something that can cause hindrance to your paycheck. If you have the work coverage of disability, then you will see that the coverage is give only if the accident is solely work-related. But in order to have the maximum coverage, you have to take an accidental cover in a separate manner.

While taking any kind of insurance, make sure of the fact that you check all the factors like the premium amount and the tenure of the coverage. This will make sure of the fact that you’re absolutely covered and you are getting all the benefits in lieu of the amount that you are paying. So gain an in depth knowledge about the various life insurance and general insurance products.


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