Escort Hiring Mistakes to Avoid and Be an Ideal Gentleman

Everyone dreams to date or have relationship with some gorgeous lady. Unfortunately, it is not everyone’s cup of tea but there are escort agencies that can fulfill such wishes. What is an escort? Escort are people hired for companionship and intimacy. They are beautiful and elegant girls displayed on the escort agencies official website. You can go through them, read their profiles and choose one you are interested in.

It sounds so simple but when you order service escort in Paris ensure to avoid the hiring mistakes many adults make.

Thorough research

Spend time to perform detailed check of independent escort or a potential agency. Select a reliable and licensed agency or individual because they adhere the legal standards of this entertainment business. They ensure clients confidential and physical safety.

Haggle over fees

First impression matters, so never reveal a feel that you are bargain shopper because this can impact later on the service quality, she will possibly provide. Use other methods, to make the escort agree for your estimated rate.

Ask wrong questions

Personal questions are strictly NO-NO because escorts are bounded legally and this can move them in an awkward situation as they cannot answer them. Learn which topics will help to get positive response and even how to behave with them.


Remember, escorts discuss and share information related to their assignments. They use terms like ‘bad dates’, ‘lousy lovers’ or time wasters. It is a kind of blacklist, which makes it hard for those unfortunate names to hire escorts the next time. So, be on your good behavior, while dating the escort.

Specify your needs

You will need to share your needs and desires. Escorts will not know what you want. If they are aware then they will be able to give you full pleasure with their services. Be honest and communicate your needs clearly.

Show respect

You are compensating for their time and services, which does not give you right to disrespect them. They have dignity and are in this profession due to some bad circumstances. Therefore, treat them with reverence and poise.


Overstay is unwelcome as she has to prepare for her next customer. Charges are based on your specified timings and any more than it can cause her to ask for more. Actually, she books her other encounters very carefully, after calculating the time needed to reach an outcall client or make preparation for other incall intimacy as soon as she finishes with you.

Avoid stupid remarks

  • ‘You look different in person than your photos’ – Sounds tacky
  • ‘You must have not had pleasure like this before’ – Are you an escort? She is a skilled seductress, so don’t brag!
  • ‘Others charge less’ – Order them instead
  • ‘Want to go on a date’ – Getting personal can damage good times you already have with her
  • ‘I want refund’ – Can get you blacklisted
  • ‘I am awesome, you need to pay me’ – Very egoistic and self-centered remark reveals you don’t appreciate her services

Make sure to be on your good behavior and she will also reciprocate!


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