Challenges A High-Class Escort on Dinner Date with Client Experiences

For an upscale dining experience people visit an expensive restaurant and when they starve visit a diner for quick bite. Similarly, you can tell the difference between high class and regular escorts. Elite escorts are expensive but the fees allow clients to get more than plain sex.

The lady gets familiar with the clients prior taking them to bed. By going to dinner date first, the escort girls skillfully create a certain mood but there are certain etiquettes every client has to adhere to like not getting physical or intimate kissing in the club or restaurant.

Actually, according to Lovesita agency professional’s etiquette works in both ways. The clients are told how to behave with the escorts. Even the escorts are trained on how to conduct during dining and dating night out. First the client will tell the agency what he seeks for.

For example, if you are looking for pure companionship and don’t have someone to accompany you to an expensive restaurant. Some look for a date to accompany them for business dinner, so as to impress co-workers. The agency has many pretty and intelligent girls. There are even girls speaking several languages and are often hired for this specific reason.

Challenges escort girl’s experience

Finding the client/date

As both are unknown to one another, it is hard to recognize one another on entering the restaurant, which can be embarrassing.

Maintain discretion

Neither the client nor the escort’s wish anyone to know what really is going on. So, if the restaurant staff and other guests dining around see a gorgeous young lady with an old woman then they smell something not appropriate but it is the task of the escort to make others believe it to be a normal date.

Sometimes, the escort is confronted with an acquaintance or friend in the same restaurant but she finds it hard to introduce him as she does not know his name.  The customer will make an excuse like catching up with his uncle’s friend and she plays along. Similar rule applies for the client, when he runs in some familiar faces.

Waiter is also a vital aspect in secrecy quest. If escort shows at same restaurant with different client week later then she will not desire to greet the waiter like an old friend. Therefore escorts encourage clients to leave heavy tip, so the happy waiter will never reveal her discretion.

Keep her body ready

High class escorts have to look attractive before and after the meal. Therefore, she never gets dishes with garlic and after dinner orders tea rather than coffee because it can be very intense during kissing. She also avoids smoking unless client smokes.

Stay in shape

Dinner dates daily can damage her body fitness. Lean and fit body is her most crucial tool and she will never overeat because saying you are on diet to a client is not sexy. Blaming lactose, she avoids ice cream, cheese and heavy cream.

Play the game, use facilities, chooses right wine, and resist temptations are other few challenges an escort experience. Etiquettes help but the capability to improvise determines that the girl is eligible to be a high-class escort. Such things cannot be taught but are inbuilt qualities.


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